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   - [[dtwjs:​Watching variables more easily with watches]]   - [[dtwjs:​Watching variables more easily with watches]]
   - [[dtwjs:​Using source maps to debug minified files]]   - [[dtwjs:​Using source maps to debug minified files]]
 +- Debugging in Practice
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Debugging the use of a jQuery plugin in Firefox]]
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Finding and fixing an issue in a jQuery plugin]]
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Setting up the WordPress example]]
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Debugging a WordPress theme in Firefox/​Firebug]]
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Debugging a mobile site in the Safari and iOS inspector]]
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Debugging a mobile site in Firefox and Android]]
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Debugging an AngularJS application in Chrome]]
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Setting up WebStorm for debugging]]
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Debugging an AngularJS application in WebStorm]]
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Debugging a live site as a learning tool]]
 +- Next Steps
 +  - [[dtwjs:​Exploring test-driven development]]
 +  - [[dtwjs:​More reading, courses to watch, and thanks!]]
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